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Hard Drive Recovery Services

Recovering data from failed hard drives, raid arrays, desktops and laptop systems is what we do, you can feel comfortable that your data is in the hands of the recovery experts. We have been successful for more than 5 years and our computer engineering team are among the best in the business.

NOTE: If your hard drive is making any kind of noise, please shut it down immediately and give call us right away!!

Here are some of the most common hard disk drive related problems we can recover data from:

  • Hard Drive Making Noises or Clicking
  • Primary Hard Disk not Found
  • Non System Disk Error
  • Invalid Sector Error
  • Cannot Find File or Program
  • Deleted Files and Folders
  • Invalid or Corrupt FAT
  • Virus Attack or Damage
  • Employee Sabotage
  • Invalid
  • Primary or Secondary Device Failure
  • Head Crash
  • Computer Can't Recognize Drive
  • PST File or Email Recovery
  • Excel Spreadsheet Deleted or Corrupt
  • Master Boot Record Failure
  • Corrupt Master Boot Record (MBR)
  • Invalid Partition
  • Backup Failure
  • Password or Login Failure
  • Blue 'Screen of Death'
  • Hard Drive Crash
HDD Recovery

Trust, satisfaction, [cutomer/ client] secret and security is our motto. Therefore Total-Service have been believed and trusted by many people and company as solution problems of that good computer : Laptop, PC, Hard Disk, USB, CDR, DVDR, Jaringan, etc

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